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Welcome to My Holistic Wellness Blog! So Who Am I & What Could I Possibly Want?

Irena, the owner of Moore Healing & Empowerment

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog where I will talk about all things wellness because that’s what Moore Healing & Empowerment is all about! My name is Irena Moore and I’m going to start off with 11 interesting (well I hope so) facts about me and introduce you to MHE.

  1. I was born and raised in the small (not even a mile long) town of Orange in Essex County, NJ. I’m very proud to be from Orange but happier to say I’m from North Jersey! Taylor Ham all the way!

  2. Only child raised but have a few half siblings. I 100% agree with the birth order traits for only children (check out here to learn more and see if you match in terms of your birth order). I’m mature, independent, and sensitive as hell!

  3. I started gymnastics at the age of 2. Probably seems a bit young to get started but blame my parents…they signed me up! For 8 long and expensive years, I tumbled and I have 2 fractured bones to prove it!

  4. Dance gives me life. I have danced in some shape or form since I can (or can’t) remember. Movement is a very important part of what keeps me sane and young! What does that for you?

  5. I lost both of my parents by the age of 25. My dad died in 1997 and my mom in 2013. Loss is a big part of my story and has been big in my career as a mental health professional. Check out my recent meditation on grief and loss to get a better understanding of why.

  6. I’m a mental health and substance abuse professional and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I work with an array of men, women, couples, and families, helping them with things like managing anxiety, reducing stress and avoiding burnout, navigating change, improving communication, anger management, coping after loss, how to live life on life’s terms without the use of alcohol or other drugs, and so much more. I’ve been in the field for 13 years and I still enjoy the work I do!

  7. Queer and proud of it!

  8. I LOVE all things entertainment (e.g. movies, tv shows, broadway, concerts, etc.). My mom and I would sit and watch tv for hours and then for a few more hours it would watch us! I really need to get paid for watching tv/movies!

  9. Meditation saved my mental health. In 2021, something needed to change and I immersed myself in meditation and mindfulness. It calmed my anxiety and brought me back to my grounded self!

  10. Sound healing revived my soul. In 2022, I was introduced to sound healing and I haven’t been the same since. I look forward to teaching you all about sound healing and meditation so hopeful it can change your life like it did mine!

  11. Business owner ready to take on the world! Black owned…women owned…LGBTQ+ owned and damn proud of all of it!

Moore Healing & Empowerment was created to add another source of goodness in the world one breath, one note, one moment at a time. Helping people is my life mission. It brings me so much joy to see other people learn, grow, and heal. I had so many amazing people uplift and empower me growing up that I wanted to create an environment…create experiences that can do the exact same thing. Are you ready to go on this journey with me? Will you join me and help me spread love, joy, and healing? Good!

Welcome aboard and thanks for letting me share!

Sound Healer and meditation practitioner

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