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5 Reasons You Should Meditate Daily

Intention setting for the New Moon
Intention setting for the New Moon

What if I told you that in order to experience peace, you have to sit still, close your eyes, and just breathe? It’s like the adult version of being told to sit down and be quiet and then you can have some ice cream. Had a flashback…yeah, me too!

As a trauma informed mental health therapist with education and training in mindfulness, I’m slightly embarrassed to say I rarely implemented meditation into my work as a therapist and I surely didn’t use it for my own well being. I’ve read ample evidenced based articles on meditation and mindfulness and the many benefits for ones’ mental, emotional, and physical wellness but I honestly thought no one else (or at least the people I was talking to) would buy into it. Hell, I didn’t even buy into it…not until I begun experiencing symptoms of anxiety that negatively impacted my work, my self-esteem, and my relationships.

Irena meditating

A few years ago, as life began showing up and showing out, I needed help. I needed to make some changes and my therapist at the time suggested a video on reducing anxiety with yoga and meditation. I was hooked. Anxiety, gone! Peace, oh how I’ve missed you! I then began meditating daily and have begun implementing meditation and mindfulness more with my clients. What a difference I and many others feel with meditating regularly.

Here are 5 reasons you should meditate daily:

  1. Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety.

  2. Meditation can help you relax which can improve your sleep.

  3. Meditation can improve your physical health by reducing strain on the heart.

  4. Meditation can increase self-awareness.

  5. Meditation can improve memory and focus.

So why aren’t you meditating already? Close your eyes right now and make it happen! Better yet, check out this 5 minute meditation and see how you feel.

There are many myths about meditation and if you stay tuned to this blog, I’ll share more about the ins and outs of meditation so you can fall in love with the practice just like I did!

Head to my Youtube channel for videos to help you meditate!

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